Friday, March 19, 2010

What is that in the Sky ?

Why... It is the Sun. I awoke to the phone ringing and the sun a shinning ! LOL It was Josh wanting to know when GiGi was coming to get him and ride the lawn mowing machine.. That is what he calls the lawnmower. LOL This was after he tried to call me himself... He got the message that says, " If you would like to make a call, please hang up and try again." He told his mom when she took the phone away he was talking to GiGi.. LOL Cracks me up !!!! So I had to get dressed. I can't wear those pajamas all day when the sun is shinning!! My norm is to get awoke and wear pajamas all day because what do I do or where do I go? Had to run to the closet and hunt something for a play day. After finally finding sweat pants and a tee shirt ( boy, did I dress up.. lol). I walked across the road to his house. He was watching for me and burst out the door, like a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby. I started the lawnmower and off the went on our drive... He likes to stand in middle between the seat (ME) and steering wheel. He drives... We then mowed his grass ( oh, Weeds) and cut up the leaves.
I was having a good time singing and thinking it is a beautiful day that The Lord has gave us. I will Rejoice and Be Glad in It!!! Looking at the Blue Sky and the birds singing. Just Beautiful!!!
Zoe and her mom came out to the porch and we put Zoe in her walker. Those few Twigs of hair was a blowing in the wind and she was laughing and giggling ! Very happy girl. Loves the outside like her brother. Poppa met us for Bar-B-Q . Everyone was hungry !! All Play and late Supper makes April a Dull Girl !!! LOL So, now time for bed and to raise up early tomorrow. Hubby is on a roll on the sun room enlargement. I will have to help him tomorrow, and I can barely get up after sitting down now.... Hope everyone had a day like I did !!


Anonymous said...

what a fun day you had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

What a fun day! My nieces and nephew enjoy riding and driving the lawnmower with David. Simple joys. Makes my heart sing.
hugs and friends,

Anonymous said...

Mowing your grass already? We are probably at least a month or 6 weeks away from having to do that. Sounds like a great day outside though... which we had here in Roanoke too. Spring at last!!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Karyn said...

That sounds like a an awesome day! Dull, my word is blessed :)


Margaret said...

Sounds like a fun day! I love your blog header! You've probably already answered this one, but I'd love to know what all those samplers are up there. :D That owl freebie is so cute! I've enjoyed looking through your blog entries. My BIL is a big VW fan. His family had an old VW camper and he had an old '63 or so VW bug until he sold it. It was fun riding in those VWs! I got to ride in both!