Friday, March 12, 2010

What Ever Happened To The Marlboro Man?

I used to see this ad in a lot of magazines. That is a nice looking man. The Marlboro Man.... And I would see this ad:I have never smoked. But these ads were great !!! Makes me want to go looking for a cowboy, Not a cigarette. I just like looking at the ads. lol There are no ads anymore.. I guess tobacco companies don't have to advertise because people will buy their product. Just like Wal-Mart.. They don't have to put ads on TV or magazines. I was just looking through some magazines and this came to me.. Aren't ya'll lucky !!

In high school, my best friend had a large stand-up cut out of the Marlboro Man. She got someone at K-mart to give him to her. He was their display that they would stand up in the front by the cigarette counter. Being teenagers, we would laugh and talk about that good looking Cowboy. Now, all I have left to look at, is this Marlboro Man:

Which Don Johnson is not bad to look at in this movie. Mickey Rouke even looked great in this movie. Now, Mickey has had a little to much plastic surgery. Not to mention Kenny Rogers... I didn't even recognize him. The Real Marlboro Men of the ads would not even consider plastic surgery and if they ever did have any, please don't tell me.... lol Now that I have bored ya'll with my teenage crush of long ago...
I am going on a day trip with mom in the morning. One state over... Going to have a great time !! Till Later !!!


Sharlotte said...

I remember the Marlboro man.I'm like you, I hadn't seen the ads in a long time. I don't know about you , but I liked the original Brawny man myself. Just thinking of other older ads and figures here. I know what you mean about Kenny Rogers.I didn't recognize him either. He looks so bad.It's amazing what people will do to themselves all in the name of "image".

Daffycat said...

Three of the actors who appeared as the Marlboro Man died of lung cancer, go figure. And the tobacco companies' advertising is prevented by government regulations nowadays.

Maybe I'm wierd but the Mr. Clean guy was always a hunk to me :o)

Sharlotte said...

You know I was going to say that I bet we hadn't seen the Marlboro man because he probably died of lung cancer. I decide not to, because I was only going to pull a funny. I didn't know he and another two, actually had!! Mr. Clean hunky? Yeah, I can see that. But then I could just about think any man was if he was cleaning my house!LOL!

vivian said...

Did you know that the original marlboro man died of lung cancer for smoking? isnt that sad! Love that movie by the way!
have a great week

Rachel S said...

I wish real cowboys looked like the Marlboro man, I might have dated a few more cowboys, LOL. Mickey Rourke does look good in those photos!