Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Million Dollar Question

The million dollar question was asked this past weekend. DH asked " Do you know where my hammer is?" I did not answer because I am so tried of looking for all his tools and other misplaced things. I think men have a gene that makes them ask where something is, instead of looking. If they do look, it has to be able to jump out and say " Here I am !!! " He will open the cabinet and say, " Are we out of Whatever?" My response " No, move stuff around it is in there."

Why is it they are that way? My dad did the same thing... and I married a man that can't find anything without asking where it is. Well... yesterday I was looking around the sun room ( junk room) to see what needs to go down to the shed. Ok... guess what I found? You are right!!! A hammer, not just 1 hammer but 2 hammers!!! lol In a box right beside the door from the dinning area.. Here is a picture of the proof they do exist ! LOL

Ok.. I see that they are in my post office mail carry box. It says for mail use only. I know that this is not mail use... LOL DH may have seen it empty and decided he would use it. Anyway, there is the answer to the million dollar question... This is only 2 hammers in our collection of at least 10. Where are the others??? I have no idea !

I will give DH some credit... If your sun room looked like this, could you find anything?

This is just one end of the room. We are enlarging this room and putting new windows in. All the stuff we are doing this with, was giving to us by a friend. So no cost, other then us doing it ourselves. Here is a little snap of the back, where DH is enlarging.

Please don't pay attention to all the mess. I go around each weekend and pick up about a trailer behind lawnmower full of Crap !!! A Work In Progress !!! Well I will leave you now with these crappy pictures... Hopefully I have not lost my great blogger friends over all that junky-ness ! Is there a group for people that have problems with not finishing jobs. I need to sign up DH. We can form one. Hubby's Half Ass & Not Finished Yet jobs. ( HHANF for short )

Now to get dressed and go to the Porch Bubble Party at Joshua & Zoe's House. I made the Funfetti cake. !!! Whoooo Hooo Till Later....


Margaret said...

I think it's something about knowing there's a wife/mother available to find things for them. lol! I have my husband, my son and my daughter who are all that way that you're describing. It's absolutely astounding. Even if they do search for an item, half the time they can't find it and I look in the same places and find it for them. Sigh. Once, my DH asked me where his reading glasses were -- he'd looked everywhere, including the bed. Well, they were right there on the bed, sitting there out in the open! lol!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog having just returned from about 4 mos. stay with my DD. I'm seeing you on several of my stitching/blogging friends' blogs, so thought I should stop in and see you!
Many years ago Erma Bombeck (do you remember her??) wrote in her funny book about men, "They could be looking in the refrigerator and ask where's the butter." She said she always felt like saying, "In the bathroom?" Or something like that... Anyway, something nonsensical like that. When my husband does that to me (they all do it) I just make up something and sound like I'm serious when I say it. Stops him in his tracks every time! :p Nice to meet you.

Sharlotte said...

Oh April , you had me cracking up and just about rolling on the floor with this post!! Have the same problem here. It's not just the husband, it's the son as well!!! Your sunroom looks familiar to me. Our garage and attic are both like that. As well as part of the game room. We are on the hunt for the hammer quite often. We only have one, but mysteriously have about 10 flashlights! Now my sister thought she would fix this problem at her house and has a bag of "womens tools" she found somewhere and they are all pink. Don't think the men won't touch pink hammers. Just ask my sister, she doesn't know where her's is at and she's not the one who used it! LOL. The name for the group you want is very funny!! I love the Erma story Deb told. I think I'll borrow that!

Jeannine 520 said...

So it's true, they really are all alike. My husband needs to be walked through a very simple thought process to find anything and everything. It goes like this, "Do you know where my shoes are?", I reply, "where'd you take them off?", he says, "In the den, I think" and then I tell him to go check in the den, he trots off to the den and a few seconds later I hear him yell, "Thanks honey, found em'!!!!", like it's some sort of miracle that they're right where he left them. If I'm not home he goes out and buys another of whatever he can't find which is why we have 5 lawn rakes, 8 or more shovels, at least ten pairs of garden clippers, 3 rotary saws, 2 pressure washers....

Rachel S said...

Fortunately HTB is very neat and orderly, so never asks me tool questions. I love when they pull the "Someone stole it!" card. That's pretty popular in our house. Yes, they walked past the TV, past the keys to the cars, past my jewelry box, and stole a plastic glass for the camper. Total man logic. Gotta love them!

Natasha said...

LOL Yes I do believe it is a gene in their makeup. A few years ago my Hubby got me an anniversary card The front pictured a man standing in front of a fridge FULL of butter.

The inside of the card said "honey wheres the butter" " I would be lost without you"

That card got the biggest laugh from me. He is the master of asking without actually looking. but I love him to pieces :0)

dixiesamplar said...

LMBO! That's too funny are helpless most of the time! they are like children...only worse.