Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Update With April Mechelle

Hello Late-Nighters,

Late breaking news.... I have been so busy ! This weekend I cleaned up around in the yard.. Mom came and helped. Now I know.... Don't get on to me!!! She would not take No. Looks bad for me... Headline Mom who had cancer has to help daughter with yard clean up! I know.. I look Bad !!! But, what can I say... Mom likes to clip bushes !!! lol Raeanne ( dd) says she is having bush and shrub withdraw.. LOL She used to go to Raeanne's house around the corner from her with her clippers in the car. Raeanne said before she knew it, she would be clipping and pulling weeds... Not making fun of you, mom. I appreciate any help I can get !! But it just don't look right. I promise to go to her house and pressure wash patio, under pergola, house, and tidy up her yard !!! When you ask?? uhhhhhh. Just kidding!
I soon as It warms up and I figure out how to use the pressure washer!!! Is everyone OK with that ? Till Later


Sharlotte said...

You can't keep these moms down!! I think it has a little something to do with that they could have lost their lives. So they are embracing every moment they have now. I know that's how my mom is. She has been in remission a full year now. When there is something she thinks we kids need help with, she's gonna do it come hell or highwater. So I understand when you can't your mom take to no for an answer.

dixiesamplar said...

She may need to feel useful and friend who is dealing with breast cancer says she feels like she is being treated like an invalid...we want to protect them, but they need to "do" not just "be"! And it is obviously something your mom enjoys...may be relaxing to her!

And you are a wonderful daughter to be there for her!