Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday ?

I guess it is Friday... This week has gone by fast. Zoe went to the doctor ( orthopedic). They still x-ray and keep a check on her legs, because she was breech. Doctors said she is looking good. I went down to her house and she was enjoying her Jumper-roo.
She had those legs just a moving and that head a bouncing too. LOL Josh got a new toy truck that pulls a bobcat. He has played with it all day. Talking about Poppa working with Bobcat.. lol
I started stitching on a freebie design of a face of an Owl. It is turning out great. I am stitching over one to make it small enough for a scissor fob for my Owl scissors. I will try to get a picture this weekend. I have not stitched much on the punch needle. I need to get it back out and finish it. I am going to try and move the sewing machine this Sunday. I have so much I need to put on the finishing touches. I have 2 Easter cross stitch that I framed years ago. Two Heart In Hand Kits. I put on sticky board. I need to do something else with them. May make pin keeps or little pillows. I will post their pictures also and maybe ya'll can come up with ideas to finish them without frames. So until Later ....

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Susan said...

Oh dear! No sticky boards. If you use them, don't do the stick as it is very bad for the stitching!
Would love to see the finishes!
Happy Stitching!