Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird

Guess what I watched last night? Yep... To Kill A Mocking Bird. Have to watch each time it is on the tube. Jem Finch is played by Philip Alford. He lives here in my Little town. Has a business in B'ham. At the time of the movie, he was 13 years old. But my favorite character is : Dill, Boy Wonder from next door. He was staying with his aunt.. He had a mother but no father. Sometime to the effect of his My Name Is speech. LOL Scout and Jem learned a lot about Dill in less than 2 minutes of first meeting them. LOL Not to mention he was a sharp dresser. Black knee socks with shorts... LOL

Well, I know ya'll are going to laugh at this... I have never read the book. Just always watched the movie... I am going to read the book. I have found out lately that books are a lot better than the movies.

Going to close for today... But, not before this picture:

I love Robert Duvall. He is one of my favorite all time actors !!! Nothing he does is ever bad. Ya'll take care today !!!


Lois said...

I'd to read the book in school, it's a good book, and I also really love the film. How interesting that Philip Alford lives nearby.

Rachel S said...

That's cool. That is one of my favorite books. And the movie was good, too. I hope they never remake that one.