Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cross Stitch Pictures

Here are the cross stitch pictures I promised. This were stitched years ago. This is a Heart In Hand Kit. I love it in this frame, But I mounted it on sticky board. If I get it off the board, What do ya'll think of me making it into a pillow? I thought about cutting 3 other squares from fabric that would match the colors and sewing them together to make like a quilt top square, but not quilted. Put a little rick-rack around it. Like This:

What do ya'll think? Or do you have another idea for this 5 X 5 square?


This is the other picture. I want to do something with this one, But what? It is a longer picture. 4 1/2 X 8 Here is a better picture of the size.

Any ideas on both pictures would be greatly appreciated. I am going over to Daughter's house to get my sewing machine. Till Later !!!


Sharlotte said...

These are both really cute! The one will make a great pillow. I think to help with the eyes having a restful place to fall, I would use a lighter color of Easter fabric, similar in color maybe to what you have it stitched on.And have that square be in the lower corner criss-crossed from it. Then the other's darker , or more saturated with design maybe? Just a thought. I love the idea you have about the rick-rack. That will make that darling!

Brigitte said...

That's a really nice idea to stitch three more Easter pieces and sew them together to make an Easter pillow. It shouldn't be difficult to find other bunny designs that match the style and size of the one you have finished.

vivian said...

love your easter crossstitch pieces!