Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I want to thank all ya'll who read my blog. It is something fun that I like to do. I also love reading other blogs, as you can see from my sidebar. This afternoon I have Josh. We have rode the lawnmower at least 20 times around the neighborhood. Here are some pictures of my flowers.

Peonys that are coming up !!!

Lily Of The Valley

These wild violets were all over the yard before I cut the weeds ( aka. grass) this weekend. I left this little patch. We have a big jack rabbit that comes out of the woods beside that fallen tree. I left these for him or her...

Here are some pictures of Josh doing his everyday thing !

That has been my day. I did get some clothes washed and kitchen dishes loaded in dishwasher. Then is was outside to enjoy my day. Turn in to tomorrow's blog... When I heard DH say, " Have you seen my Hammer?" ( quote) That is a million dollar question! LOL


Margaret said...

Looks like fun! I envy your fine warm weather and spring greenery. We're barely starting here. Good time of year though! I love spring!

dixiesamplar said...

What a handsome little helper you have...sounds like you two had a great day making some sweet memories!


Kate said...

Hey April!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and thanks for the link to yours, I'm excited to read it...LOVE that you have a "crazy dull life" hahaha I also consider my life a "crazy dull" one :-)