Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning In Winter

I am about to start on a spring cleaning project. It happens to be my craft & computer room. I think it needs more than just cleaned. It needs to be finished. Closet has 2 door, but they are not finished or even hung up. The door to the room is also not hung. Just sitting up against the wall. DH has issues with finishing anything. I usually have to go behind and nag or finish it myself. I will have to finish this room myself, he has moved on to making other unfinished projects.

This is my desk. I just keep putting stuff in tubs. I have this thing, when I see a tub , I buy it. LOL. Those books are hardback cross stitch books. I also have about that stack high in needlepoint books. The wooden shoes, I got in Holland Michigan when I was 4. Those white things are my baby Shoes ( they are corrected shoes ) I don't know which foot they go on, because they turn weird ways at the toes.. LOL . I want to put a little organza pink ribbon as the shoe laces and display them. The clear tub on bottom is cross stitch charts and floss to stitch. The smaller tub is finished cross stitch and needs framing or sewing. ( stockings) May have to call my Aunt Judy for the stocking sewing to get a lesson (hint hint). Oh... The coloring book and colors/markers are not mine. Those are Mr. Joshua's. He says that is his desk! ok baby.. lol

This is the lovely closet. Notice the doors? I have panels to go in there, I have not decided what color to paint them. All that stuff is fabric, cross stitch, floss, threads, hoops, paint, trims and 1 latch hook rug from Claire Murray. The wire thing in the gray box, is to rotate on my head when I get a headache from looking at all this stuff. LOL It does work !!

This is sewing machine cabinet, without a sewing machine. It is still at Raeanne's house. Those are Cross Stitch, Country Living, Sampler & Antique Needlework, Create & Decorate Magazines all over the top and in the basket. The framed Baby dress is mine. My mom gave this to me one Christmas. ( It is back hanging mom! ) It has my silver spoon. Yes, It is silver, why I know that... Well it is tarnished. LOL I guess you can really say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Now a days, any spoon will do as long as food is in it. LOL It also has a Locke of my pretty Strawberry Blonde hair. Now that I look at it. Joshua's hair is that color. His daddy has Red and mom has Dark Brown. My grandbaby has my hair !!! There is my hospital bracelet with my last name in beads, and card that was attached to my bassinet. Hey, this was 1965. No one wanted to steal babies back then. They could have just taken off my bracelet and switched my card. Now that have ankle alarms, like you do when your under house arrest. I got off the subject again... lol Back to the room. That is what happens when I start to clean too. I look around and find something else.... Maybe I can get this done before Spring comes in. If not, will someone call HGTV and ask for Mission Organization Show for me ???

PS : Don't even ask about the Sun Room. Hubby of Unfinished Projects has decided to put in new windows and make it bigger.. Geezzzz...


Valerie said...

You are already pretty organized with your supplies so I think that this will be a quick and rather painless for you! Besides, it will be YOUR room and that should hopefully make it more fun! I love the baby shoes, dress, bracelets, etc. Those things are irreplacable and everytime I look at mine I can't help but smile. Thanks for sharing them!

Casa Pearl said...

Maybe if you tell DH you've hired a handyman to come in (with a firm deadline of arrival) that will light a fire? LOL Good luck on your housekeeping and thanks for stopping buy.

Robin said...

I have been reading your old blog posts and your stitching is amazing. We aren't very far from each other; only about 50 minutes, depending on 280 traffic :-)
I live in North Jeff county, right before the Blount county line but I work at UAB. So where do you get xs stuff since we don't have a LNS anywhere near us any longer???????? The closest I have found is in Guntersville and one in Decatur. I mostly order online from Down Sunshine Lane. nice to "meet" you :-)