Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am patiently waiting on Fall. It is in the mid 80's here in Bama. Football has started and it is still warm. I like cool nights with a bowl of chili for warmth or to watch Bama play ball and a bowl of chili.  Can you tell I am wanting to cook a big pot of chili!  It is just still to warm.  I am going to cook some anyway Saturday. Weatherman said it will rain all Saturday. I can't wait!! Maybe it will cool off!
I have finished my Halloween Exchange. I have it ready to mail out tomorrow!  I am so excited. I loved stitching this.. Of course, I love anything Halloween. I have been making some other crafts that are not Cross Stitch. I have moved my craft table in the sun room. I have a Big O Pile of stuff for the annual fall yard sale. I have yet to retrieve the Fall decorations of all their bins in the shed... I went with Raeanne and grands today looking at Halloween decorations. I kept looking at stuff and saying, I think I have that in a bin!  lol
Maybe if I would unpack all those bins, I would know if I already have it!!!
 Hubby is trying to save the old potting shed and move it over here to our place. He thinks he can move it with the Bobcat. I hope so... It will only have to go across the street. We will see how that goes! Wish us luck!  lol
I think we started working on Trailer #2 (one we live in) in 2009. I have the link for when The Mobile Home Makeover started. If you want to see what it was like, here is the link:
 also here:
and here:
and here:
I need to post new picture. There's been a lot of changes. There is siding on it now. A Tin roof was put on and underpinning painted. I will try a post a front picture with porch and all my ferns tomorrow.
Now to start work on Trailer #1... Here we go again with Mobile Home Makeover!!!   lol
Till Later....



Denise said...

Wow - the hours of work put into trailer 2! Only to go back and do #1 again. Your bathroom is gorgeous and I like the semi circle kitchen. Those windows in the craft room -- aah - light.

Joy said...

The days and nights are cooler here which makes it Fall for me! Hope you can move that fun. I have started unpacking seasonal items before shopping for more! Don't we all have a lot! Happy Day April

Susan said...

Well I love fall also but I am ahead of you on the chili. I made a large batch at the start of football season and it was great! I live in SC so it was warm here also but with the air on we were good to go.
Love your SAL.
Looking forward to pix of MH Makeover II!
Happy Stitching!