Monday, September 10, 2012

A Picture Of My SAL.

It has been a slow week on my SAL with Denise. She has stitched so much more than me. I have been only working on it at night. Let's just say I fell asleep a couple of nights early... lol
My dear daughter and family got moved in to their new house somewhat... They turn only what they needed, just to get ready for Zoe's 3rd Birthday Party. 
Josh is the garage door opener.. lol He lets me out through the door and then says," Bye Gigi". Buzzzz door goes down.  I call and say I am coming and the door to garage is open and he waits till I come in and Buzzz the door goes down.. I wonder if I will ever get to use the front door.   lol
Zoe's 3rd Birthday party was a Wild One..  She had a Miss Kitty party. Her Miss Kitty cake had a light up Miss Kitty. The house was so loud!! All that hardwood and tile. I like my carpet. No echos.. 
That was my weekend.  I know I said I had some finishes to show. I will have to upload those pictures tomorrow. I am to popped tonight.  Till Later......


Denise said...

Zoey is adorable! Miss Kitty lit up? What a great treat for a 3 yr old!

I beg to differ with you. I think you got way more done than me. You've got those leaves done and all 3 colors in use!

Barb said...

The house is so pretty and it looks like the party was great. A very cute birthday girl!

dixiesamplar said...

Sorry I haven't kept up with my commenting, but I have been following :o)

Love the new house for DD and family, and a very Happy Birthday to Zoey.

Love your SAL, can't wait to see your progress.

dixiesamplar said...

Hey wait, you had an anniversary?? 31 years!! Wow, now that is impressive. Congrats, and hope it was a wonderful day for you and hubby!

pam said...

Lovely new home for your DD.