Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trees and Itching

Cross Stitch Ornament Trees that is. I have a picture of 2 of my trees.. No ornaments to go on them.. I have been stitching some Valentine things.. But I need to sew them into ornaments. Don't know if I will make it before Valentine's Day.
The tree on the left is the tree used for all the Cricket Collection Ornaments. I won that off Ebay about 3 years ago.. I have yet displayed anything on it.. ( I need to get to work).. The one on the right is the Lizzie Kate Feather Tree. I also won this off Ebay. Nothing has been put on this one either. I took it out of the plastic and box to take this picture.
I do need to repaint the metal one and redo the tiny balls. It comes apart, so that should be easy. I also have a big black bead and glitter tree, I got it from Home Goods Store. It is still out in the backyard shed. It is my favorite. That is the one I will use when I finish those Cricket Collection Halloween Ornaments. I am going for a finish of one a month. And Guess what? I am behind already... Why you ask?
I now have a rash all over my body.. Not my whole body. Just arms, legs, and a little on my shoulders. I have has this last year. Dr gave me some pills for itching and some cream. Can't find them anywhere. That is what happens when you move. Lose all your prescriptions... lol
Doctor is booked up, so I bought that Oatmeal bath stuff and I am using Stinky Sarna lotion. DH said what is that bad smell ? last night... It is me !!!! I stopped itching but stunk to high heaven. lol I don't know which is worse, stinking or itching?
I did decide what to stitch during the Olympic Winter Games. I joined this site that Melissa has started. http://2010olympicsal.blogspot.com/ This is my first SAL. Hopefully I can at least get more stitched on these started projects or finish one..
On my picture above, pay no attention all those bars in my front windows. I have been living with them there, since the windows were put in.. Oh.. By the way, I do have curtains for these windows. Just need a rod or 3? lol
Till later.. Go check out my Winter Olympic Stitching on the Blog above.


Ranae said...

I love the trees. I never knew they exsisted by the designers.
stinking or itching?? Oh my!
I hope it gets better real soon
Do I spy a bowl full of finished smalls?
How awesome! you should take a photo closer so we can see your little treasures

Rachel S said...

I love the trees. I never thought to check HomeGoods for them. I hope you feel better soon.