Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Stash In The Mail !!!

Hello Everyone !! Thanks for checking out my blog. I was asked about my header. What is the name of the stitching? Well, they are left to right: Crescent Angel by Primitive Needle, Whitaker Family Tree ( bought off Internet, the chart-can't remember designer) Spring Freebie by Brenda @ Country Stitches, My Secret Garden Kit by Lizzie Kate, and No Bees by Blackbird Designs. I love the blackbird design, It says" No Bees, No Honey, No Job, No Money ! That's ME to a T ! lol

I ordered these from ABC Stitch Therapy Shop. They are having a clearance sale.

The charts are: Land that I Love- Blackbird Designs, Outline Art Christmas - By The Bay Needleart, ( I need to look for the Pt2) Eliza Pennance 1726 - Plum Street Designs ( Having a thing for tombstone & remembrance designs) Spring Eggs - Homespun Elegance, and Boo to you - Homespun Elegance. I keeping looking at the Spring Eggs and say" April, You need to start stitching them before spring!" I have so much spring designs stitched and have not finished them into anything. Sewing machine is still at Raeann's house. Oh, and I keep getting in my front room and moving stuff around.. That is all I do, Just Move It Around !!! lol I unload a box, sift through it, make piles, and then I keep going. Thinking that I will put stuff I will not use at this time in a pile, then.... Get this.. I look around and I have about 10 separate piles of JUNK... I usually get up out of the floor and take a break... Now this break may last 30 minutes or to the Next Day. lol When I do come back into the room. I throw everything back into the boxes and walk out. lol Now, I am back to square one ! I need help on organizational skills. I need Mission Organization off the HGTV channel to come out here to Alabama and get my butt in gear. Oh, Look what I see!!! One box of items to go, to the Hannah Home. That is good, isn't it? lol

Well, I am going to go stitch some and blow into Kleenex's... I am getting a cold... What else is new around here.... Sickness is not


jennyhope said...

UM WHOA! you have some crazy mad cross stitching skillz! =) Seriously, I could never!

Susan said...

Thanks for the header info.
I can relate to the unpacking of boxes and sorting. JUNK - TO DO - kits - give away- all in neat piles. leave the room come back take another look rearrange a few. And yes end up by putting them all back in boxes!

Sherri said...

I've done the exact same thing!! My theory of unpacking and organizing is that you just keep moving piles of stuff around but the piles gradually get smaller each time until you're done.

Glenna said...

I love seeing people's headers where I can sit and guess what they are. I love your new stash--you have the best taste!

Karyn said...

Oh I love your new stash! I keep buying bins to organize my stash and moving those around LOL.

Hugs...I love your blog

Brigitte said...

I do love this kind of header. A lot of guessing and then dicovering pieces that you have already seen and want to stitch now.
Hope that Zoe will be on the mend soon.