Thursday, February 4, 2010

In A Dentist Chair

I was sitting in the dentist chair today, thinking... How did I arrive at this point? and I never want to be at this point again with a tooth. After 2 hours and part #2 of root canal, I have a small temporary little tooth cap. I have one more visit for permanent crown to be cemented on... yep,, cement. I can handle a filling or two.. But I will not have this done again.. lol. I got up out of the chair, you know the one, where you are reclined to where you head is below your feet.....I try to stand and all the blood that had been at my head rushed to my feet. lol I had a hard time moving one foot in front of the other... Then the hygienist, had the nerve to tell me NO chewy foods or gum and all other great stuff ! Does this mean No Milk Duds? No Gummy Bears? Not even sugar free gum ? No chewy Snicker Bar?? Lord, I need your help during this time of dieting ( yes, I said diet) That is what I will be doing without all my candy bars and sweets. Hello, My name is April and I am a Junk Food Junkie.. ( Can I start a group like AA for JFJ's ?) I need a pain pill... Just to cope with this new information.
Plus, my gums are hurting.... It is that little tooth cap they shoved up under my gum line.... Enough on this subject. I don't go back till 2-24.
I need to sign off for the night, but I am hungry... What can I eat???? NOTHING

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Valerie said...

I too have had a root canal and I vowed, like you, never again! So sorry to hear about your forced diet...hopefully this will be over befor you know it!