Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Memory

Thank you Jennifer at Feathers In The Nest blog for making me remember elementary school Valentine's Day. I remember in the 2nd grade... We made and decorated cigar boxes a couple of days before Valentine's Day. Through the years we also decorated pockets for our desk and shoe boxes. It was so much fun.. Of course, I put a lot of decorations on my box. ( crafty side of me) Joshua is developing it too.. He loves to draw... Oh, I got sidetracked back to the box...
I remember picking out the box of Valentines at the store with momma. It was a cardboard box full of Valentines with the shiny plastic covering, shrunk around the box.. I was so excited... I get excited easy... lol We got a list of names for all my classmates. We would sit at the table and I would pick out the best ones for my best friends. I would be careful printing out their names on the envelopes and signing my name on the back of the card. THEN.....

The day would arrive, that we would put our boxes out on our desk.. Oh the excitement !!!! We had the Room Moms come in with cupcakes and snacks... you know those boxes of Hearts . lol
We got to go around putting our Valentines in our classmate's boxes. Me and my friends would open ours and compare the cards we got with who gave them to us... giggling all the time... lol
Oh, that was 38 years ago !!!! I miss it !! some.... I miss the easy LOVE !! Everyone needs to LOVE and Be LOVED like you are 7 again.
So I Hope everyone had a Great Day and remember LOVE DOESN'T COST A THING !


Susan said...

Your header is beautiful. I hope you list them for us - I recognize some but not all.
I also remember decorating shoe boxes for Val-day and sometimes it was hard to find a box!

Tammy said...

You are so right--I have such fond memories of Elementary Valentine's Day!! We used lunch bags and taped them to our desks to everyone could stop by and plop a Valentine in-it was great. Gorgeous header!! Thx for stopping by my blog-nice to meet you!