Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I Love Volkswagons

Why I love Volkswagons? I just had to post the above picture. Check out the lady in the dress. You will never catch me camping in a cocktail dress. lol I love camping and I love VW's. My family had a vw van when I was growing up. It was the regular van, not the Vanagon. I found this picture that is close to what my dad drove.

I loved this van. We did camp in it some. Then the van went away and my parents got this:

Still a VW but only a VW Bug.... lol This color too !!! lol Well, years of growing up and getting married and what is my first car? A VW 412 Like this picture:

I miss these cars.... I always wanted a VW Jetta or VW Thing. I have not got them yet. But there is a place that used to fix up old VW where my mom lives. I used to drive by and see an orange VW Van. I would start to drool... lol It looked to be restored to original condition. And me being a child born in the 60's.. I would have to do some tings to make it my own. Can't ya'll just see me driving that down the road????

Yes, This one is the one I would want !!! lol But if any of my blog friends happen to see this sitting around for sale somewhere. Please think of me !!! Yes, A VW Thing !!!

I love this green color !!! Well enough on my family of VW's and my wants..

Zoe is doing much better today. Her dad came down with it today and little Joshua is at his nana's house and he came down with that stomach bug again. So, separating the family and sterilizing the house did not help. I am going to sit outside in the sun tomorrow. Maybe that will kill all those bug germs. lol

It is to be in the 60's tomorrow and Sunday here in Alabama. Maybe, just maybe that back glass room will get cleaned out.... I doubt it, unless someone comes over and gets me moving around !!! You hear that mom!!!! lol Just kidding you... Stay away, I don't want you sick.

Have a great weekend everyone !!! Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves

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Sharlotte said...

I love the name of your blog. All I can say is " honey, you don't know what dull is 'til you come to my house"! LOL! I love those cars and that van is a hoot! My brother had a friend who had one of those vans in the mid '70's.Not painted of course. If he had the time and the paint I bet he would've though. I love the background of your blog.