Monday, February 8, 2010

Stomach Bug Hit !!

I awoke about 1:00 am Saturday morning to have been bit by a bad stomach bug. After about 7 hours of not letting me go.. I went to the local Doc-in-a-box. I got a big shot of that Phenergan stuff. That stuff is a miracle. I was sent home with 2 prescrips of this med and I slept all Saturday and into Sunday morning. My mouth is just getting to where I can spit again.. LOL It felt like cotton till today. DH bought 10... yep 10 big bottles of Powerade Zero. So I have been living off that till today. So I have been getting caught on reading all your blogs. I am out there. I did not watch the Superbowl. I am not a fan. I will watch college ball, but can't seem to get into Pro Ball. We don't have a pro team in Alabama. On the way home yesterday, when hubby bought the 10 zero's. I was waiting in the car and seen all these women coming out of Public Grocery with The Saints balloons... I thought We are not New Orleans.... duh. and on Facebook all the talk is The Saints. These are people I went to school with in Chelsea, not New Orleans, maybe it is because Louisiana is one state over from AL. But let me tell you when Bama plays LSU there is a battle going on, and you would not want to say you are a LSU fan in company of a bunch of Bama fans. So what gives... I don't know and don't want to think about it.

Well it is 12: 20 am Monday Bye

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