Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Winkle Fairy !!!

Hey Everyone !!! This is me getting ready yesterday morning. Now before I start this. I will be 45 in May of this year. Yep.... I also have the luck of having the bad skin of our Duncan family gene. Well I started putting on my makeup... you know fill in all those creases and landfills with that putty stuff that is suppose to match your skin tone, but doesn't... This was after I put moisturizer all over my face. about a gallon.. LOL I am used to doing that all the time. Well.... I then started with the eye shadow... Now remember I have not worked ( outside the home) since February 2009... and I have been sick, with no reason to wear makeup, in about 2 months... Well.. I go and start with highlighter at the top over eye lid and under my Brow,,, My brow is going away for some reason and I am having to pencil me a brow.... LOL That is another story... That highlighter goes on great... Then I go for eyeshadow in the middle of my eye lid.. Well I started going across real slow.. the brush started going over things, like speed bumps... WINKLES !!! urghhh. I couldn't even get the eye shadow to go on smooth. Looked like I had lines running downward... OMG.. What is going on ??? Has this came on all of a sudden? What Happened? Then... I look in the mirror.. My whole eye lid has been swallowed by the eye socket !!! Oh Please.. Now what do I do...Do I just put eyeshadow on the top near bottom of my brow.. That is the only part of my lid you can see!!!! Is that even a part of your eyelid??? I can't wear brown shadow up there, can I??? I didn't think so...Even though we did wear bright green and blue in the seventies !!! LOL When did The winkle Fairy leave me this wonderful gift of age? Whenever it was, I didn't even see this coming !!! I can live with the winkles beside my mouth, Those are my smile winkles...LOL And I can almost live with the double chin.. It is loose skin.. ( I can tell myself that, if I want too) But having absolutely NO Eyelids.... I don't know... I love to paint up my face !!! You can stop laughing now !!!

Anyway, I finished painting on my face and dried my hair.. Oh, I did cut on my hair myself... It was bugging me. Put on Dress clothes ( go to work clothes) and this is final picture.

Well, I will be 45 in May... If you see that winkle fairy around you, Kill her for me !!!

PS... Please excuse all Freckles in first picture. They are freckles aren't they? Please don't tell me they are AGE SPOTS !!! Just shot me NOW !!!

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Sherri said...

LOL! I've been trying to catch the wrinkle fairy when she creeps around my house, too. The main thing that bugs me now is the lipstick that tries to creep up into the wrinkles around my lips!