Friday, January 22, 2010

Had A Party !!!!

Hello Everyone !!! I wanted to thank everyone that reads my blog !!! Thank you so much. I also enjoying reading all about you too!!! lol Raeanne called around 11:00 and said her and the babies would be coming up the hill to see me. She told Josh they were going to GiGi's House. He grabbed 2 party boxes and had a ribbon in his hand dancing around and saying " Party At GiGi's !!!" Well we partied and played all day. I have proof of it:

This is just some of the party residue left over. That is Zoe in the background.. She likes to sit in her bouncer and watch us play. She just laughs and talks.. She thinks she is playing right along with us. lol

By this time, Party Man had about partied OUT !!! lol He was so tired. He and mom went to get us pizza and he fell asleep in the car. His mom yesterday hit her finger with a hammer and it swelled up and turned all kind of colors. I watched them while she went to the doctor, They x-rayed and said she fractured it. She is wearing a metal splint. Of Course it is her good Bird Finger... So now drivers will see it better when she hangs it out the window to them !!! Which is always on Hwy 280 !!! So if you happened to see a women flying in a truck and see a Metal Bird Finger showing itself to you out a window... It Is HER !!! lol

Some more Pictures of babies after Poppa got home and took over for me !!! Thank you poppa !!!

Josh had poppa's boots on and left over brownie on his mouth. Hey, at my house they can do anything!!! . By the way, He is standing on one of his party boxes.

She is a wanting that finger... She is teething bad... But, No says Poppa...

Well, time to tune out and go to sleep. maybe.....

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