Monday, January 4, 2010

Cross Stitching with Mittens On !!!

It is Colder than a _______ here in Alabama. ( you can fill in the blank) I am not complaining one bit. Maybe a little.... I know my northern friends have been freezing for awhile now, not to mention the snow. The Almanac said this was going to be a cold weather. How do they get these things right?....

I have been getting some stitching done. I finished Housework by Lizzie Kate. I had to get out in the 16 degrees this morning to run and get black seed beads for her 2 eyes. That is Love... Only needed 2 beads but have to buy a whole package. I have every color I thought, till I was looking for black ones. I went to Hobby Lobby... No Beads in Cross stitch section... went to Michael's, no beads in cross stitch section. So, what did I do?.. I went in the jewelry section and found this round case with black, dk gray, white, clear, and silver beads. Problem solved. Had to go buy some groceries.. Yea, I know... I did not buy all the bread and milk out !!! lol There is still some left on shelves. That always happens in the south when they call for snow. Yes ! We are to have snow on Thursday.

I have been working on the heirloom afghan. I will have to get a picture posted. I do have a picture of the Housework. I am going to make it into a pillow. Planning to put it out in the sun room when it stops being a junk room. Here is picture of Housework. Not to good. Blue linen is always had to get to come out clear in picture. I did change the word Croak color to mulberry.

I am also working on the Cricket Collection's Halloween Ornaments. They are a lot of fun to stitch because of the specialty threads and different color linens.
I am also going to start stitching along with the Olympics on Melissa's 2010 Winter Olympics Stitch a long. Take a look here..
Well, I have to go stir the chili !!! Stay warm everyone !!!


Loraine said...

What a darling piece, one I've never seen. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for your lovely comments. I'm thrilled to meet you!

dixiesamplar said...

Love the Housework's gonna make an adorable pillow!

It was 24 this morning with a wind-chill factor of 11 here in Dothan! Bet you are even colder than that!! I hate cold weather...that's why I live in the south...hope it doesn't last tooooo long...


Bonnie said...

They are calling for snow here in South Carolina on Thursday also. It has been a few years since I saw the stuff.Not looking forward to it. lol.

I love your Housework finish. My sentiments exactly.