Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some Stitching Today !!!

This is a picture of the chart I am stitching a memorial sampler for my dad. This was designed by Midsummer Night Designs. I think Edgar is also doing this sampler. Edgar probably has a lot more stitched than I do. I am working on this today. Waiting on Dewayne to get back from Fort Walton Beach Area... Yep... I know ya'll don't hear the sarcasm... I was to have went too... But They would not give me clearance on the Base... anyway.. I told him he better get some beach pictures, because #1 - Have have not been to The Beach ( Gulf ) in 18 years. #2 -We only live maybe 5 hours away. ( right) #3- I know pics will not be good. ( raining) #4 -Told him I would stay at Hotel and didn't have to go to the Base. Oh Well. I am here at home.... I will make the best of it.
My sugar has been out of whack here the last 2 days. Going low and making me have the shakes and stuttering... It happens about 3:30 to 4:00 each day. I have not been snacking, maybe I need to eat something.. lol My meter tells me that. I was at 60 Tuesday. Meter says " Do you need a snack!" NO JOKE SHERLOCK !!! lol If anybody knows me. My sugar is low at 90. lol I know that is a good number ! But mine has been around 176 so long, my body thinks it is going haywire when I get below 100 . Dewayne came in and found me shaking and stuttering and told me to eat his Reese Cups !!! Gosh I love Him !!! or is it Reese Cups I love !!! lol
Keeping an eye on my sugar today. I know, My fingers will hurt and stitching needle doesn't help the tips of my fingers.. Oh... I do have left fingers.... I am so dumb. Check sugar on left hand, stitch with right... LOL omg..... I better go test... Mind is failing now !!!! lol

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Valerie said...

I really like the memorial sampler for your father. The verse is beautiful. I would love to see progress pics! Sorry to hear about your sugar. My aunt was a very brittle diabetic, so I am very familiar with the "highs" and "lows" you talk about! Keep those snacks handy!