Monday, January 18, 2010

Play Day !!!

Hello and Good Day !!! I awoke at 10:00, now don't raise your eyebrows at me. I went to sleep at 4:00 am. Could not sleep. I did get something stitched while I could not sleep. This:

This is a chart from Primitive Betty Designs. Fast to stitch because I did not stitch the whole design. I am going to make into a little pillow and hang a key and heart charm on it. Used a raw color linen, different from the other two in an earlier post. So that was my night ...
Zoe is still real sick. Running a fever and matted eyes. She cries alot and Raeanne has to hold her alot. Josh came over yesterday evening and we played , we drew him some pictures and we colored. Only had 2 colors.... Blue & Purple, so everything we colored was those color... LOL
He didn't want to go home, so I promised him I would buy more colors today.. Well, I did, we went to Wally World and he got new colors and a coloring book. He knows his colors, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. He has a game that is called Zippity. It hooks to the TV and he interacts with characters to learn numbers & Colors. He is smart for 2 years. Zoe is smart too. She know when she gets dressed up to go somewhere... LOL She just Smiles and laughs, and of course Gigi tells her is is so pretty , and she just smiles !!! That is smart !!! LOL She is already working that charm !
My day was spent with with Babies !!! Great MLK Day !! Tomorrow is go to pick up stuff day !!!

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COUSON said...

It's so lovely! I love pin cushions!In France the son of a friend of mine said:"Oh ,is-it a pillow for pins?"Cute,is'nt it? Foundest thoughts.Couson