Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Doctor Visit and Nothing More

Another doctor visit, more antibiotics, and nothing to do, because it is to cold to move... This has been my week.... 1 - Hot water froze. 2- sick again. 3- went to the doctor again. ( I have a booked room in office. lol ) 4- Yesterday Husband unfroze water pipes. 5- went to bed at 8:00 pm last night. 6 - Today work on 5 boxes of unpacking in our closet. 7- NOW - in recliner, can't move. LOL #8 - Nothing More Today.
With being sick since we moved in, I told Hubby last night I think this place is Haunted... I have been sick since we moved in... LOL Dewayne just laughed at me me and said. " I am not moving, Period." This was after he had been outside for 3 hours trying to unfreeze water pipes and has been trying to unfreeze since Monday.
Now... I didn't say anything about moving... I didn't even mention that if it starting icing or snowing, Me , Raeanne and babies is headed South to Childersburg. ( my mom's house) We both are total electric.. Mom has gas logs and Heat . LOL
So if no ones hears from me for a couple of days I have flown South.
Take Care and stay warm !!!

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JOLENE said...

Sorry you aren't feelin so good. Being sick is no fun for sure. I have had a bit of bad luck lately, too. Our furnace stopped working Monday and we woke to a cold house at 53 degrees. Bbbbrrrrrrr!!! I actually found the control part, took an extra long lunch and went to pick up the part, go home, replace the part and nothing!!!! We had to call a service repairman after hours to see what was going on. He showed up after 9:00 pm. Cleaned the flapper and it worked beatifully.....$500.00 later!!! Yikes, but at least it is warm now.