Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maytag Mayham !!!

Check this out !!! Beautiful new washer... See not even a speck of dirt anywhere on it. It has only washed maybe 9 loads of clothes... Well.. Today just got worse for me.. This washer locked up today and almost burnt!!! I started smelling strong burnt odor, to where I could not breathe. I ran and switched off main breaker to the house. I ran around looking everywhere trying to find out where burnt smell was coming from. So strong I had to go outside to breathe... I then remembered REBEL.. Ran back into the house, of course she would not come to me, had to pick her up and take her outside.. While I am standing outside looking to see if any smoke is coming from the roof... Nope, I don't see any.. I call DH. He said on his way. I am thinking wires in the walls are on fire. So strong of a smell, burnt my eyes and made me cough.. I then get cold . 42 degrees and 20 mile an hour winds. I go back in the house... Still strong smell, get me a coat. Go back outside, running around looking to see if anything is flaming. DH is on constant 2 way with me asking questions, I can't answer because I am outside. I don't want to go back inside. Rebel is running around barking. I call Raeanne. She comes up the driveway with both kids in tow. She goes in smells and says" smells like burnt plastic or rubber" I open sliding door and front door. After smell removes from some areas, we found out it still smells in laundry closet. Yep... The 2 month old Maytag that has maybe washed 9 loads of clothes... Is locked up tighter Charles Mason. Full of all our towels and Water. DH calls Home Depot. They give him a number to Call. Calls them.. They said repair man will come out Thursday. Thursday is mom's Report day from the P.E.T. I no can do. And Am I to leave all the towels and water in the machine till then. DH mad by now... He tells them this is a new machine. May have burnt our house down. Do we trust it to be repaired and maybe lock up again or worse, burn our home down. He tells them He will just empty it and bring both appliances back for a refund. They call back and said A repairman will be here tomorrow to check into it. I should have never gave up my Whirlpool. Raeanne is using it and it is 10 years old. Called Mom... Told her my story of today. Of course she laughed hard and said " Only You!!!" She also quoted" If I had no bad luck, I'd have No Luck at all!" end Quote !! She made me laugh, after the day I had. I was crying when Raeanne come driving up and mumbling something about.. I Can't Take No More!. Please pray for all my new appliances. Cook top, Refrig., and the Tv in the bedroom.. I am afraid to turn the cook top on to cook tonight. I know the old dishwasher works and only 1 of the ovens in the wall works. I can bake a potato in the oven and wash the plates... But I don't know what we will do if that new Tv in the bedroom goes out, I don't know what 2 people our age will do at night... lol
My week will be better !!! My week will be better !!!


Valerie said...

Keep up the positive thinking! It is so sad that you are having such issues with your washer. They just don't make things like they used to! That is something my grandmother has said for over 30 years and it gets truer every year! Hope all works out and you get to washing, safely, very soon!

dixiesamplar said...

Girl...you are just having some bad luck lately, aren't you??!! Be positive, it will get better...I hope!! I'll be praying for ya!

Hope your Mom's tests come back with the all clear! God Bless!


FayeRaye said...

Oh good!~ Another Southern girls stitching blog!! Thanks for the nice words on my post...Now, about that washer...note to self, dont get all industrious anymore and try to wash up everything in the house!lol....nah, thats a bummer and I sre am glad you didnt burn the house down.... Sweet looking babies and I love the sampler you are dedicating to your dad....Nice. Holler when you can, Faye

Just Me said...

I live in Iowa. A few years ago, Whirlpool purchased Maytag, and also Amana brands.
So Whirlpool probably did actually make your washer. Just thought you might want to know if you aren't happy with your Maytag.
Whirlpool isn't just making Whirlpool anymore.
Those 3 brands and more are all coming out of the same building now.