Friday, June 22, 2012

Yard Sale Friday

I went to a yard sale today.  Look at what I got!!  I love this little travel case!  Pretty Red. I need to clean it up. But the inside is like new. It still has the American Tourister rubber luggage tag. With the price of $4.00 I snatched that thing up in a second.  lol 

 A guy a went to school with had the yard sale. I found that gold tree and asked him if he had anymore. He went digging in the storage building and came out with the white tree with glitter. I will paint the tree with basket and star black. I have an idea of a color of dark brown for the white tree, since I have a white tree. I have CEC charts of acorns that I can stitch and put on that tree. I also got the clear glass thingie. I see more sand and seashells inside it. Price for the 3 items $10.00. The price tag on the white tree has 20.00 on it.

 This is how I bought  I began pulling out the flowers and all three still had price tags on them. The fern was 12.99 and the big flower was 6.99 and the other with the white flowers had 5.99. The wire holder had a price of 19.99.  I got it all for $2.00! I will spray the wire holder black to go with my shutters. Those flower may be used for another arrangements. I need some moss to line the holder. Looks like a rode trip to Michaels!

I bought the little white wire basket today. The table I bought about 2 weeks ago. I will sand and paint it. I have my paint... Guess what color?  Turquoise!!!  It will go in the sun room. I will show before and after pictures.. It is just so hot out that I have not even wanted to work on it.
I overheated today. I thought I was going to pass out before I left the yard sale. I made it home. I drank a ton of water. My muscles were hurting, hard to lift my arms and I am weak. I knew from hubby having 2 heat strokes that I needed potassium. He took the last power aide drink to work with him. I grabbed a banana and ate 2 Popsicles and sat under a fan. lol   I am feeling better this afternoon.
Hubby called and checked on me just a few minutes ago. He asked was it worth it to get overheated for a yard sale?  I think maybe so... lol   I am now sitting here working on the Stitchery for Michelle.
Cool and Stitching, as I should be..
My daughter and her little family are headed to the Beach tomorrow. I sure will miss the grands, They will be gone from Saturday to Saturday. Of courrse, there is a storm forming in the Gulf.... I will worry about them.  I have already told her that the grands are not to get in the ocean. We have had 4 drown within 2 weeks at Gulf Shores. The undertow is really bad. So if anyone is headed to the beach be careful!!!
My neighbors to the northeast, Please watch out for this heat!  My neighbors to the west, Please watch out for the fires! My neighbors to the north above me, Please watch out for the flood waters!
Here is Alabama it is HOT and HUMID!  Take care everyone....


Catherine said...

Great finds! My mom has that same case in blue!! Lucky girl you are!

Robin said...

I want to go shopping with you. You got some great things.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Fun finds! I used to have an entire set of red, American Touristsr luggage! It was heavy but the train case, I wish I'd kept. I think I had a heat stroke on Tuesday from running in 100 degree heat. It sucks! Hope you're feeling beyter'

Cat Haven Crafts said...

I agree with Robin! I want to go thrifting with you too! Not only do you find great items you have such great ideas for what you find.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great finds! Pack that thermos full of ice so that it melts down to give you water. Be safe.

Mouse said...

nice bargains you found .... and hope the weather sorts it self out over there soon :) love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow what great finds!
Hope you are cooler today!

LuLu Kellogg said... made off like a bandit! What fabulous finds!

Viola di Nebbia said...

Amazing sampler! And The Prairie Schooler patterns are so cute *.*

Christine said...

Hi, Love your found treasures! Have fun re purposing them...this is truly the best of recycling...thanx for stopping by to say Hi on my blog!