Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here A Squash, There A Squash - Everywhere A Squash

My BBF Diana came to visit yesterday. She asked me last week if I would like some squash.. Yes, I would love some..

 Little did I know she would be bring 2 huge bags full and over running.  I met her at the door, she just smiled and said," I was just going to sit these in front of the door, knock and run back to my jeep!"  OMG.. I have squash running out the ying yang..

 So far.. I have cut up 3 of this bowl full.. this picture is not full.. I have cooked 2 dutch ovens full and on my third and I still have 1 big bag left...

If you don't hear from me tomorrow.. I will still being doing squash!!
I have been doing all this washing, cutting and cooking with a bummed up elbow.  I went to the doctor today and she said I had Tennis Elbow.. I don't play Tennis..  I do cross stitch and do needlework... I am now on Steroids and Motrin. Yep.. I am getting old.. I had dislocated that elbow 27 years ago. Now it has decided to act up and start hurting and getting inflammed.
Hope everyone is staying cool and out of the line of wildfires..
Till Later... medication time... hehehehe


Parsley said...

You totally make me smile..."squash running out the ying yang"...LOL!!! So you are cooking it up but then what...canning it?

I love FRIED squash. I guess it's a Southern thang.

I hear ya on the joints hurting and needing the meds.

Cat Haven Craft House said...

I love summer squash, especially raw with some ranch dip! Are you going to freeze all that squash? Would love to know how you are going to use it. Over the years I've had bouts of tennis elbow, I've found that ultrasound (at a local chiropractor) and acupuncture worked well for me, so maybe you could try these if you don't get relief soon? Take care!

Robin said...

Now that's a heaping helping lot of squash! Good luck with it and good luck with your elbow. So dibilatating and frustrating when we hurt!

vivian said...

HI April, I'm trying to spend a couple hours this morning doing some blog reading and catching up on all my bloggy gal pals. Thank you for you love, support and prayers over the last few weeks.
NOw you have me thinking about getting some squash. we love it. but I am feeling very lazy and not like cooking at all!
though, squash really doesnt take much effort! lol
I hope you have a nice weekend!