Friday, June 29, 2012

Squash Post #2

I guess I forgot to mention that after I cooked all this squash. (I was up till 11:30). I let it cool to room temp. Then I put it in freezer bags. 
I also love fried squash. I use it fresh from the garden.
I love fried orka. I am hearing from my garden friends that their okra is burning up... All this heat and no rain.

I love to cut up okra, squash, green tomato, and an onion. Take all that cut up and mix together. I take a gallon zip-lock bag and put cornmeal and a little flour ( just a little). Salt and pepper your vegetables. I throw the vegetables in the bag and shake all around..   Heat up oil in the big non-stick frying pan and pour that bag in there...  Sometimes when I want a little spice.. I will throw in some Mrs Dash seasoning...  That is because I need to lay off the salt.. lol
Well, I have made myself hungry... I may have to get a bag of okra that was put up last summer out and fry me some up..

Okra is like gold  to our family.... lol  We hoard it in our freezers for special occasions. lol  This year may be slim picking for the okra.. I hope not!! 
I am now hoping someone will call me with tomatoes overflowing! I can only hope.. I had my first garden tomato tonight. My lips are chapped so.... that juice burn them.. But it was so good!
Enough on gardens and vegetables.. I have been soaking up the air condition. If I was a dog I would be sitting in front of the blowing air.  lol  I forgot to ask Mom, if big fat Amos cat was laying on the vent by her chair. He weighs over 20 pounds. We took him to the vet last week. We were talking about him being fat and not liking the heat.. I said, " I know how he feels!"  lol
Everyone have a a great weekend and stay cool and out of the heat.
Praying for the people effected by the wildfires.. I have been watching the tv the last couple of days. I can't even imagine. What I have been watching I would call a Fire Storm.

Take care blogging friends....

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Eggs In My Pocket said...

Now you are talking..........there is nothing better that home grown squash, tomatoes and okra! Poor fat Amos.......we all know how he feels!Yes, it is such a terrible time for Colorado.