Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just A Check In!

Sorry I have not posted of late. Just doing a check in.  What with the Birthday last week and Mother's Day Sunday. I have been busy. I have been reading blogs.. Just not commenting much. I have been stitching.. Nothing I can show. It is all for designers. 
I still need to get a door wreath put together for my front door and the big Tree Fort finished for the grand kids.
I fell off the wagon again with the eating.. I had lost about 15 pounds. Had is the Key Word.. lol  I gained back about 7 within about a week. That bread and potatoes will do it to ya!  Tomorrow is a new morning.  I have my Good Food to start back eating..
I tell hubby I am going to make a salad to eat... I get me a wedge of lettuce, add some ranch dressing!  wal-la. Salad!  He just laughs because that is not salad.. It is lettuce and dressing.  I only like garden grown summer tomatoes. Those winter tomatoes have no taste. I like the ones when you put them in your mouth, there is so much acid.. it burns my lips... I have dry lips all the time.. Mouth Breather.  lol
Well enough for this morning.. 2:00 am here in Bama..
Till Later!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi April

Looking forward to seeing the stitching for designers.
Good luck with the weight loss this week.

Deanna said...

Have a great day and happy stitichin'.

Good luck in getting back on that wagon!

Parsley said...

Weight loss is so hard. No worries. We've all been there. Happy stitching.

Oh..I've opened my old blog. Hope to see you there.