Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday !!!

Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!! I am for sure!  I thought I would take some pictures of new fabric and other things... I have bought a good bit of fabric lately. I am just showing some of the pile.. I have gotten back in the sewing mood.

 This fabric I am going to use to cover my sewing machine chair. I wish I had gotten more of it. It was on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Now it is gone.... I have enough to cover the chair and make me a thumb tack board to match..

 This is fabric with Girl Scout saying on it!!  I love the Girl Scouts!! I remember my days as a brownie!! I still have my dress!! More Girl Scout fabric coming up later in  this post..

 This fabric has sewing notions all over it! Just to cute!  I may make a liner for a basket that will hold my patterns. I was going to make a sewing machine cover with it.. But, ideas change!!  lol

 These two patterns I got for Zoe Bug... I have that Auburn fabric that I need to get made into a dress for her. She will have many dresses this Spring and Summer. Potty Trainning Time!!!

This is the cutest fabric. It is Mother Goose. Has Jack & Jill, Hey Diddle Diddle, Three Blind Mice, and more. I loved Mother Goose. I know my grand kids don't know any Mother Goose Rhymes. TV has taken over books.. They know Dora and Max and Ruby and the other cartoon characters.  So Sad!
Here is the other Girl Scout fabric.. Raeanne had purchased this.. I got all her fabric to work with.. I love the retro look. I found that matching 70's looking green plaid to go with it. Hey.. I see a carry-all bag and the green as the inside lining!
Michael's has the cutest things in their $1.00 bins. I found these stamps and paper bags. I also got a little notebook. I love this Circus look!  They had cupcake liners and different pads and stamps. Would be great for a Birthday! Last be not the least.....

I am in an Easter Swap.  I have my things all ready to go out. Just a sneak peek.. I can not say who my person is!!  We were to stitch something and add some goodies to go with it!  I will be sending out this next week!! I need to go find a box to put all in... Out to the shed..
One more picture... A work in Progress!  Memorial Sampler:

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Till Later.....


Anonymous said...


Your fabric is lovely, especially the one with all the sewing notions on!

Have a good weekend.

Rhona said...

Mmmm, lovely fabric! Hate when you don't buy enough and then go back to find there's none left.

Natasha said...

Super cute fabrics. I especially like the Mother Goose fabric, I agree tv has taken over. Your WIP looks great from what I can see of it ;)

You have a good weekend!
Happy Stitching

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I love the vintage looking girl scout fabric. I was a girl scout many years ago - made it to cadets. Great progress on your sampler - the colors are really pretty.

Kim K. said...

I'm completely smitten with your girl scout fabric. Your swap goodies look very inspiring!

Mouse said...

ooooo nice fabric and sorry you din't get enough of the first one .. and sale bins are great arn't they :) love mouse xxxxx

blue star stitcher said...

Really cool fabrics. I am like you, I have to be in just the right mood to sew.

Lynn said...

Really neat fabrics April! I think that second Girl Scout one is so unique!
Loved the peek at the memorial sampler. It looks lovely!

Autumn said...

Yummy fabric! Oh my...I could really get hooked on fabric even though I don't sew. lol

Michelle May said...

Fun fabrics!! Ok...totally want to see what is inside those packages! I can't stand it! I tear into stuff the minute the postman brings it! Oh the waiting....waiting...waiting...Is it time to see them yet??? hee,hee,hee.