Friday, November 5, 2010

Yard Sale Weekend

I sure wish this lady would have stopped by our Yard Sale today. We had all of 5 shoppers. 5 !! Well, it was only 48 degrees today and the wind was blowing and it started to sleet. How much worst could it get !! We are not in our right mind. why? Because we are going to try again tomorrow.... LOL It is to be 29 degrees in the morning and warm up to 55 with sun.. That is what weather guy said we were going to have today. NOT... He missed it all together.
I am trying to get my reading of friend blogs done tonight. I have to get up before daylight and drive to my mom's house. Josh spent the night last night and I woke him up this morning. He looked out the window and said," It is still dark outside!" Very smart boy for 3. We got to watch the sun come up on our drive to my moms. He kept saying," It is getting lighter Gigi". It was great being with him this morning. Yesterday coming home.. was different. We were in Hubby's truck and I had his car seat beside me. I was singing away with the radio, when I heard him say" Gigi... Please be quite!" I guess he knows NO talent when he hears it. I can not carry a tune... LOL We rode the rest of the way with him telling me what he wants for Christmas and other Very Important Stuff. LOL Zoe went back to the ortho doctor today. She was born Breech and had to wear leg braces for a little while after she was born. Can't tell it now. She is trying to run. It is fun to watch her. She is little Miss Independent. Wants to walk everywhere and doesn't want you to carry her. When she gets tried, she just lays in the floor and rest.. Takes after me there.... LOL
I need to get back blog reading. Till Later....


Melanie said...

I hope your Yard Sale goes better tomorrow!! Stay warm! :)

Rachel S said...

Sleet! Accck! Hope today is going better yard-sale wise.