Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I WON !!!

Picture From Brady Bears Studio
I won this from a giveaway on the TDIPT Mercantile Open House!!! The Bear is made by Karen Brady of Brady Bear Studios. Please check her bears and other animals out. They are so cute !!! http://bradybearsstudio.blogspot.com. I can't wait to get it !!

I have been stitching and watching movies all day. It is raining her in Alabama. I did watch Martha Stewart today. Her show was about Turkeys. What kind to buy. She says she raises Specialty Turkeys.. They cost about 12.00 to 14.00 a Pound. I guess she has higher taste in Turkeys than Me... LOL The Ol Butterball will do for me. She then showed the different Turkeys. Ol Butterball was huge.. He was on Steroids . Then she showed Organic Turkeys and Her Specialty Turkey and they were so much smaller.. She also said they all taste different. hummmm .. I guess Martha knows her turkeys..

I also found out that the Turkey the President Pardons every year has a buddy that, they do eat... They pick 2 Turkeys, fatten them up and then they choose which one lives and which one gets the AXE and becomes Dinner. I couldn't do that!! I would say.. Hey.. Secret Service men, go to the grocery and get us a Butterball and we will pardon both... LOL Then I was wondering, do they do Eny Meany Migthy Mo over their heads.. Or do they see who gets fattened up to make a great dinner. I would want to be the Turkey that is on a DIET.. lol

I am working on my Aunt's Stitched Gift today. I don't have much left to stitch. Right now I am resting my back. I picked up a box of heavy tools off the back steps yesterday and messed up the old back.. I have been putting ice on and off it today. I have to get my spine back right before The Big Feast !!!

Till Tomorrow ......


Rachel S said...

Congrats on the win. I like that bear a lot. I didn't know he ate one of the turkeys. Acck. I know the one that lives gets sent to a petting zoo. Poor one that gets to "stay." Happy Thanksgiving

Catherine said...

What a fantastic win!! It's adorable!

Sounds like the perfect sort of stitching day! We could all be like Martha if we had her staff!!

Hope your back feels better - enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Sharlotte said...

Congrats on that win April!

Myra said...

What a fabulous prize! Martha's turkeys certainly aren't for us common folk. LOL