Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shabby Chic Finish

Not to good of a picture. I decided to finish kind of Shabby Chic. Simplify is backed with an old Chenille bedspread. I used the trim off the bedspread as the bottom trim. That is all I got done yesterday. I did start trying to put my Halloween Stand up Cat from Cricket Collection together.. I am going slow. I'm afraid I will mess up. Have 2 different directions laid out to go by... Vonna's directions and a booklet with just Flat-Folds instructions.. We will see how this goes.... LOL

This is out of the blue.... I am sitting here putting Aerosol Cheese on crackers for my grandson. ( yes .. we live in a trailer and eat can cheese) I looked at the list of ingredients: Milk,Whey,Water,Soybean Oil,Whey Protein Concentrate, Sodium Phosphate, Salt, Sodium Citrate, CHEESE CULTURES, Carrageenan, Lactic Acid, Natural Flavor? ( Sorry... Had to stop and spray him some more CHEESE on a cracker...)Calcium Phosphate, Enzymes, Artificial Colors-Yellow #5 & Yellow #6.
Now my question... Where is the CHEESE? Cheese cultures & Natural Flavors?
Not to mention Yellow #'s 5 & 6. It is not even Yellow.. More Cream color..
Saying Oh Well... While squirting more of the aerosol stuff on a cracker for Josh.. He Loves it !!!
Trailer People's #1 Snack Food. Disclaimer: I am in no way getting paid to talk about squirt aerosol cheese in a can.

Till Later......


Catherine said...

I am still laughing at your description of cheese in a can! I can just picture your face while reading the ingredients, with Josh standing there not caring what's in it - he just wants more!

Love your Simplify finish!!

Bonnie said...

Love your Shabby Chic. I really want to stitch Simplify. Should I or shouldn't I? I will never get all my ornaments stitched anyway lol.
Sometimes you wonder about those ingredients and what they are exactly.

Ranae said...

Ahhh! I love your finish, that is so awesome and with the chenille oh la la!!!!
MY granddauhter loves that cheese in a can(AKA Fraft easy cheese)too, but on preztels.
I love the blue background

Melanie said...

I haven't had can cheese since just about forever but, man, I loved that stuff once upon a time. I 'graduated' to Laughing Cow cheese wedges for my crackers to save on calories - it's good but no can cheese. lol

Hazel said...

Love your little finish! So adorable. Thanks for stopping by today. xx

Myra said...

I love this finish! Great job.

vivian said...

ha! I dont live in a trailer.. but my kids used to eat that stuff too. I never cared much for it. but it sure doesnt sound healthy does it?
have a great night!

Michelle May said...

I came by to say lovely finish, but now I'm too busy laughing about spray, fake or semi cheese that sprays. Hilarious!
xx, shell

dixiesamplardesigns said... are too funny! The kids do love that canned nastiness, don't they!

Love your "SIMPLIFY" finish...beautiful...and very ingenious use of the bedspread!!

Congrats on your recent giveaway'er on a roll!


P.S. Love the PS squirrel finish too...turned out great!

Rachel S said...

LOL at the spray cheese. Some things are better not closely inspected. Your finish looks really good! I'd have never thought to use a bedspread for that. Can't wait to see the cat done!

Joy said...

Love your use of fringe from a bedspread! Such a sweet finish.

I can't believe I used to give my children that cheese...too funny!

Sally said...

I love how you've finished Simplify! It is gorgeous.

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love this stitched piece! Have a wonderful Thanks Giving

Sandy xo