Sunday, November 21, 2010

Royal Family

Congrats to Prince William & Kate !! They are a cute couple!!! There children will be Beautiful ! But....I have to say I am parcel to Prince Harry ! Look at him:

To me, Harry is better looking and has the better personality, compared to Prince William. Prince William is looking more like his father and acts like him. I know he can't act normal because is to be King one day.

William has Princess Di's Face but Charles's Hair line.. LOL Seems to me Princess Diana became more beautiful the older she got. Is there maybe some secret that makes some prettier after they live with Charles. LOL They seem to be happy here... What Happened? She looks like she is about to kiss him. He has grabbed her arm.
I read that Prince Charles had been having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles since he was in his early 20's. She was married and he had been having the affair for 15 years before he married Diana. Isn't she a beauty?.....

Bad crooked teeth, bushy hair, and lines on her face. A plain looking Jane...She stole Charles's heart... Diana never had a chance... But once Di was out of the way, she moved in for the Kill.... LOL She married Prince Charles and some how she emerged looking like this....

It is amazing what money and royalty can do! Fixed teeth, new hairstylist, and I will not mention the bust area. So... Prince Charles decide to have Camilla over Diana. This picture is a favorite of mine of Princess Di:

Look at the RED toe polish !!! lol

Best picture of mom and her boys! Look at them.. you can tell they love their mom. Williams chin is rested against her shoulder and Harry is leaning on her. I don't think Charles would have married Camilla if Di was still alive, She would still be in the boy's life and he would honor her as their mother.. Just my opinion... What is yours?

I won't write about what I think on her death. I happened to pull up a site to read about her, it popped up the Car Cash with a picture of her still in the car. A Shocker... That didn't even need to be on the net.

Enough on the Royal Family - Here is Harry again !!! Isn't he just a too Cute !!!
Harry will one day find his True Love... But until then, Let him have Fun !!!
Till Later....


The Scarlett House said...

I agree...Harry is the hot one. I admit to being totally fascinated with them. I was one of the nuts who got up in the wee hours to watch Charles and Diana wed. I can still remember exactly where I was when the news of her death came on. I was shocked, stunned, and incredibly saddened.
Enjoyed your post.

natalyK said...

I totally agree. Prince Harry is definitely coming into his own. He has the same coyness that Diana had. He seems to smile alot more and have a less stuffy personality. Besides, who can resist a ginger.

devonaz said...

What a great piece,,my mom was from England and just adored Diana,,had a picture hanging of her in her hallway..what a shame of a wasted life..she found love for once and look what it cost her,,I totally agree Harry is better looking and I do not and never will like Prince Charles,,for what he did to Diana..oh well..she will live on in our a very Beautiful Mother and Princess..Happy Thanksgiving..