Friday, November 19, 2010

Name Just Changed

Remember this Death Trap !! Yes!!! It is back !!! If... It ever went away...I remember my mom had one of these. We played with it and thought it was fun till ... Yes, you guessed right. The door was not closed good and WHAM !!! Got smacked right in the head. OUCH....I don't know if it ever did any good for the body, but they have released it again on the public..

They have changed the name to " Pilates Door Gym". Is this suppose to make it better with the name Pilates? Looks like it is still, an accident waiting to happen! Now it is mounted on top of the door. I guess to many people complained about busted heads or ripped out of the door, doorknobs... LOL

I guess you are wondering how this thing just went POOF and popped in my head. Well... Joshua was trying to tie a jump rope to the front door to tie Zoe up.. (I did put a no no to that creative idea of his.. LOL ) When I happened to get a flashback of that door exerciser.. I guess because of the early years of head injuries from that thing... Both grandchildren did survive their visit with us tonight without any incidents.... They were both little angels!

I have been battling blood sugar Highs and Lows... Great ! Right here at Thanksgiving! I want to eat good.. you know Desserts! Signing off for the weekend. I have been stitching on something I can't show. It is an Aunt Gift. I will post at Thanksgiving. Till Later


Missy said...

First up I'm sending you hugs and I hope your Blood sugar stabilizes.

Secondly the DEATH TRAP should be BANNED!!! My auntie had ne of these in her basement and years ago when I was a wee little one I started pulling on it and sure enough it flew off the door and hit me....hard. I still see stars when I see one of these!! LOL
Just goes to show that exercising is dangerous!! LOL LOL LOL


Melanie said...

Hahaha! My mother had one of these too. It was TOTALLY useless.