Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Am Smiling And Dancing !!!

I received my Bear from Karen at Brady Bear Studios today !!! I was dancing all the way back from the mailbox !! He is so cute !! I have him hanging on my handmade Oil Pump Floor Lamp. I just keep looking at him and smiling. Thank you Karen for making such a cute bear!!! and I won him !!! lol Karen also sent me some chocolates in a cute gift bag. Here is that picture.

If you get a chance please check her blog out... She is a very talented artist !

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Till later......


red.neck chic said...

Girl - that is the CUTEST bear!!! I'll have to go check her out!!!

Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!
;-D robelyn

Rachel S said...

So cute! Congratulations!