Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tripping & No More Cough Syrup !

I think I went on a trip Saturday night and I didn't even leave the comfort of my bed... Check SpellingI think it was a trip... Sure scared me. I am NO longer taking the cough syrup !!!! My skin was crawling, heart racing, and TV sounded very LOUD.. I kept lowering the volume.. Head was a buzzing... Label said take only 1 TEAspoon.. I think I took 2 TABLEspoons... and with it being a prescription with codeine, did NOT help...It did not knock me out,, Opposite effect. I was Wired for 220...I finally feel asleep at 7:00 am. I thought when you are sick, you need more rest???? Guess not me. Mom came over after church Sunday. I had by then, made it to the couch.... This Cold, Flu, Pneumonia thing is Bad.. I am starting week 3 today.. Mom has been saying" Call The Doctor" !!! I feel like I am in an Andy Griffin Show episode where He keeps telling Aunt Bea " Call The Man !!! " To fix their freezer...LOL.

Hubby decided we could go and do some Christmas shopping Tonight... It was great not many people out shopping. I got about all, but 4 people left on my list..

I am working on some stitching, but not for Christmas presents.. I have pulled the Heirloom Afghan out to work on. I am feeling better and need to get back stitching on it. I don't think it will be finished before Christmas... Maybe After New Year...
Well it is 12:23 am on Tuesday morning.. Coughing but not Tripping ....

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dixiesamplar said...

Good Lord Woman, 2 tablespoons...with codeine! Yeah, I would say you were tripping big time!! LOL...thank God you did not OD!

Sure hope you are feeling better soon!