Monday, December 21, 2009

Memory #7 - Chicken Pox & Diabetes

I can't find my pictures today. I looked... Well... You know we just moved. My front room is full of boxes and totes. Being sick again today.... Will this ever end? 5 weeks today and counting. Doctors say no cracked or broke rib... Just Cartilage popped off rib cage.. Don't take sound better.. urghhh First Pain pills given did fine till last night.. I had another scared,I am dying trip. Lortab 10 made me feel depressed, shaky, dream like state, with no sleep and had to take every 8 hours... I don't think so. New pain Pill, for I can not move without them. Enough about my terrible Holiday Season..
Raeanne has had 2 bad Christmases while young. My memories for today. 1st up... Chicken Pox at Christmas the year Santa brought her a bike... I have a picture somewhere .. Her posing with her bike with calamine dots all on top of her all over breakout. Didn't make it to of the family get togethers. Mom, Dad & Trey came over on Christmas to see what Santa brought. Raeanne could not even ride her new bike..Memory 2... Raeanne's 12th Christmas Holiday. She went shopping with Mom & her sisters.. Aunt Debbi said she kept wanting something to drink every 20 minutes..
She had they don't know how many Big Gulps. I was working one day and called to check in home on her. She answered and was incoherent. I left took her to the doctor. They admitted her that night into the Hospital. Diabetes... Didn't see that coming. She was in the hospital the week right before Christmas Day. She has had Diabetes for 16 years now and through pregnancy's with Beautiful Grandchildren. This last with Zoe a ruff Pregnancy. I want to share many more Christmases with my family..

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