Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Memory #5 - Favorite Song

Guess !!!!

You are Right !!! The Chipmunk Song ( Christmas Don't Be Late ). One of my memories from my childhood. Cousin Andrea had the vinyl record. Each time I heard that song I think of Christmas's of my childhood. Did you know that the song won 3 Grammy Awards back in 1958. I just found that out..I love Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

One year when Raeanne was little, they came out with Talking Chipmunk's stuffed toys. We bought her a Alvin. Didn't try the pulling the string in the Store.. It was to say: Hi !!! My name in Alvin !. Her Alvin said : Hi !!! My name is Simon !!! Simon was trapped in an Alvin body!!! Oh NO !!! We had to take him back and exchange him for a good Alvin. Here is her Alvin under my tree this Christmas.

The Cross Stitched stand up is a Just Nan Design. It is Ebenezer Boyd Bear. I stitched him about 8 years ago.. Get this... I also have the chart for Tiny Tim... Have I stitched it? NO.... lol All for tonight... I am heading off to stitch in my recliner. My Northern Friends, Ya'll stay warm and Enjoy that BIG Snow !!!

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Ranae said...

Oh my gosh! what memories! I use to sit with my nephews and listen to this record.
I love that JN bear finish