Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Memory # 2 - Elfie

I have been sitting watching a cute Christmas Movie on Hallmark while pain patch on rib is doing it's job. My memory for today is this little Guy. Is he 45 years old this Christmas. Mom pasted him on to me. She said they got him for my first Christmas. He has been under my tree ever since she gave him to me. Elfie did get a new light cord last year. Elfie had his original cord but my dad had cut the end that you pug into the wall and replaced it with another cut off end, black electrical tape still wrapped around it. Elfie must have burnt his old end off. He has a scratched up leg and some smears on him, but he has the new cord that keeps on lighting him up for Christmas. I love my Elfie !!!

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Michelle said...

It's amazing how long these cherished items can hang around and still work!! Love that you're going through your Christmas memories.