Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Family Get-Together

Hello.. I was at a Christmas Party tonight. We met at my Aunt Paula's house. All of us cousins, my mom, and brother & family. We finally got the babies together. Zoe and Bailey were born on the same day, just hours apart. We kept phones busy between both hospitals, keeping check on each other.

A great time was had by all. I appreciate Paula taking the time and going to all the work to have us over for Christmas. Here is a picture of the girls.

On the Left is - Raeanne & Zoe, and on the Right is Lacy (my cousin) and Bailey. The girls are 3rd cousins.. They will be starting the same school together and in the same grade... I think we were making them grow up to fast... lol We had a houseful of kids. My Cousin Tonya was there with her 3 children, Darcy, Zane, and Dalton. They are so cute.

Tonya and her guys... Dalton ( almost 3) and Zane ( 7) Could not get a picture of Darcy, she was running around with my niece Hannah. They are both 9 . WE had a great time.

No memory for today. This night will be a good memory...

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