Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day ???? OF Sickness !!!

I have lost track of how many days I have been sick... I blame it on cough syrup with Codeine. I just wake up every 12 hours and take more.... Well.. I may have to make another trip to Dr's office Monday. This will be 3rd time around. Maybe I am just wanting to be well again... LOL.. It may have to just run it's course. Z pac did no good. I did stay awake long enough today to watch SEC Game... ROLL TIDE ROLL !
No unpacking.... No Stitching.... No Cooking... No Christmas Decorating....
Doctor said Pneumonia... I say Pneumonia, Swine Flu, Cold, Regular Flu, and anything thing else Sick... How long does Pneumonia last... 2 weeks???? Well cough syrup is kicking in... I start to see double and hear stuff........ hummmmmm

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camilynn said...


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