Saturday, August 15, 2009

Once Around The Yard & Baby Girl's Room

Well ..... I cut the grass today and I left a few weeds... They were pretty little weeds... LOL Here is a pretty weed that has pink blooms... I don't know what it is. But it grows all along our creek.

This other one , had the biggest little bloom while the sun was out. I went to take this picture and the purple bloom had hid... The leaves look funny....

Now on to my rock. I put this rock in a flower bed years ago. Put some little sprigs of ivy and WaLa.... Instant yard art ... LOL

On around the yard and up the little hill toward the potting shed... DH built this for me about 2 years ago. Well you can tell by the empty pots, no potting has went on in this shed. I have not had the time or money for plants this year.. Now to figure out how to move this across the street to new place....

Also the little window opens from the bottom and I can put my little stick on window seal to hold it open.. My potting Soil is in a big bag in there.. LOL

We also got carpet put down in baby girl's room. Put up border and shade. Now we have to get her furniture moved... Picture is not good. I will take another one when furniture is moved in.

And this picture below is all baby girls' stuff in my dinning room. All that is her stuff... Geez..

Now you know why I am not cleaning my house...

Well I have to go now... Have a great weekend April Mechelle

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