Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Cross Stitch Finish & Others...

I have just finished a new cross stitch piece for Halloween. I am going to make it into a pillow.
It is a Chart from Homespun Elegance - All About Halloween. Stitched on R & R 30 ct Havana with WDW floss in Color: Swampwater. I also have to put the brass star button on this finish.

This picture is of a Lizzie Kate Kit, I stitched a couple of years ago. I need to get it framed . I am thinking about putting on the wall in the sun room, when we get moved. I may end up painting the sun room wall the same as living room and dinning room, that melted butter color.

This Is a Birds Of A Feather Design. I stitched back in 2005. I am going to put this in my office/sewing room. Just got to get this framed too. I have a lot that needs frames. The background linen color is a purplish colors. Picture is not to good.
I have a lot stitched to make into Pin Keeps and also little pillows. As far as sewing goes. I have 10 more burp cloths to make for Baby Girl.. ONLY 2 1/2 Weeks left. Hard to get any sewing done with Mr. 10 fingers. ( Joshua) fingering everything.
I will close for now... MY great Lovely mom brought in Meatloaf, Pinto Beans, Squash, and Okra for us to eat tonight... MMMMM...Something is wrong with this.... She is the one going to radiation and I should be cooking for her... I sure do Love You MOM !!!! Thanks, April

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dixiesamplar said...

Beautiful pieces April...love the Halloween finish!

I was so happy to see your blog in my search...I, too, live in Alabama...in Dothan! Not sure how far away we are...but, it's always nice to find stitchers that are in your locale.

The baby girl's room is beautiful. We just welcomed our first grandchild, a precious little girl too. She is two-weeks old today actually.

Well, I just wanted to say hello and would love to hear from you and have you visit my blog as well.

Until later...