Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Have A Name !!! Finally !!!

Baby Girl's Parents have finally settled on a name. Drum Roll !!!!!
Zoe Peyton (Ta da)
We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday on the way home from Mom's radiation and Raeanne picked out the letters to hang on the wall in Zoe's room.. They are white and I attached a brown with pink polka dots ribbon to each. Real Cute. I will take a picture tomorrow if I have time.
Debra & Wayne are coming to help with the Extreme Trailer Makeover..Wayne has the tile cutter and he and Dewayne will install counter top in kitchen. I did get a new black cook top. It at least matches the ovens in the wall. DH says no on a new sink and faucet or new kitchen floor. I will have to clean the sink and live with the floor for awhile. I am riding around with the Only Tahoe that has a toilet in the back.. and a range hood, not to mention a stroller. We have been laughing about the toilet in the car. It is still in the box... Can't seem to get anyone to remove it from the back.
We worked last night and tonight over there. I finished painting closet. I changed my mind from white to the bathroom color. All it needs is the floor put down and shelf units cleaned up and brought in. Master bath only needs both sink cabinets put in and hooked up to the water.. And The Toilet in my car brought in and put in place and hooked up.
Then on to the master bedroom. Only needs carpet laid. Dinning room doesn't need anything but floor cleaned, new light hung and table brought in. Kitchen is just counter put in and sink and stove top hooked back up. Oh... And new lights installed. Living room only needs carpet laid. 2nd bath only needs sink hooked back up and I need to redo the mirror over the sink. Front bedroom needs carpet laid and closet doors hung.. Then we may can move... LOL Oh Yeah.... Also a lot of deep cleaning !!!
Hope I didn't make anyone as tired as I am...
April Mechelle

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