Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting Big Head Again.

April Here.... Head is swelling again. Urghhh. I called Dr. No open appointments this week. I may have to just go as a walk-in tomorrow. They will have to work me in. Last time I did that, I sat for about an hour before they put me back in the room, where you wait again for a long time. But, I need to get this checked. Don't check spelling here... I am typing in the dark with my glasses on.. LOL Still can't type.

Raeanne goes to the Dr tomorrow. I will try to go with her. I want to see the baby. Josh is going too. We are going to show him his sis-ter ( as he calls her). He has not been sleeping good. Ear is draining some.. He is whining a lot. He may have to go to the Dr too... Hope not.

Going to bed now.... April Mechelle

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