Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Girl's room is almost complete. We went and got Joshua's baby furniture and set it all up yesterday. We washed all bedding and clothes. Joshua has been playing in sis-ter's room. He has been checking out the new car seat. and laying in the pink bathtub. Over half his body hangs out of it. He did get in the crib yesterday, but when we turned the mobile on he had a fit. It Moves... LOL He went running out of the room screaming. He scares real easy.

Mom has already started radiation. We go each day at 1:45. We went Thursday and Friday of last week. Today we are going and Raeanne & Josh will go. We need to go by Babies R Us and get a few things. That is if, momma is up to it. I took her by Wal-Mart Friday. She said she had not been in months... I pushed her around in the wheelchair. She said if she ran into to anyone she knew she would be embarrassed. Guess What??? Sure enough only, in our family does these things happen.

Well it is 10:30 and I have not ate breakfast yet, See Ya April mechelle


Raeanne took some sleepers and other stuff she bought along with a duplicate bottle set, back to Babies R Us today. She had to get manager, who stated policy is : NO refunds without receipt, and no refunds on purchases that were purchased over 90 days. Not even a store credit. He stated they can only can accept things with a receipt. Girl was standing in line by Raeanne . Raeanne asked what she was having, Girl or Boy. She said Girl. Raeanne just handed her the sleepers. Store Manager said that was all he could do. He told her to just give away the things because he could not take them back. He did give a store card for the 3 things that were on her register. Bottle set and 2 other things. So I guess if anyone registers at Babies R Us, PLEASE SCAN THE WHOLE STORE WITH THEIR SCANNER. That way you will be able to take things back. Or as we will do, GO TO TARGET.. Great Customer Service. Have had not problem and the cutest things and alot less expensive then Babies are Us.

Bye, April Mechelle

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