Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cooler In The Shade

It is cooler in the shade here in Alabama. Less Humid... Sli will still not come inside. Stupid cat.... Joshua came over this morning after getting his curls cut off. He lo0ks like a little man with his new haircut.
Raeanne brought us both an slush from Sonic. A big Route 44. Mine WAS grape. I say was because, as I was going to pour Josh some of it. He decided to help. Off the kitchen counter it went, into the floor.
I have mopped the floor 2 times. Still sticky...Then we went out on the porch to play. He somehow cut the back of his heel. Then, He slammed his thumb in the door, put a cut on it. He nows has 2 booboos, both with bandaids.
To top that, I was opening the refrig. and he got his other heel caught under the door and tripped him . After all that he still did not want to take a nap....
Maybe he was a little on a sugar high from the Kool-Aid drinks with the screw off plastic top. He has learned to drink from them this week. Loves them.... LOL

Well enough for now. April Mechelle

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