Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Finish

I did get one thing stitched this week. I have been stitching on a design for "With Thy Needle & Thread ( Designer)". This is a freebie from Chessie & Me. I think I will make a needle book out of this.
DH left for work this morning. Sli, 18 yo Cat was laying in the yard. He called me and we went to check on her. She was breathing till he touched her. Then all of a sudden she jumped up and started purring real loud. Scared both of us. I brought her inside and explained to her that she could not just fall asleep anywhere in the yard and to sleep so sound, that she doesn't hear us call her. Dogs may get you !! I told her. Then I put her up in the bed with me.. Both of our hearts were beating fast.... Of course Rebel didn't know why Sli was getting all the love. ( she -rebel- can't hear anymore) but I will not tell her she can't hear... LOL
We just yell our heads off at her and she just keeps on walking the other way. Now... She did hear the vacuum cleaning going this morning. Barked her head off.
Enough for now. Have A Great 4th of July, April

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