Monday, July 27, 2009

Halloween X-Stitch

This is a picture of some Halloween cross stitch I need to make into something. The one of the left is to be made into a Halloween shaped cat pillow. I don't know what to do with the other 2. I am thinking maybe Spider Web on right into a pillow?....
The little witch, maybe just a small pin keep with some black rick rack around the outside..
I am still stitching on my dad's Memorial Sampler. I have been working off & on.. More off. Working on extreme makeover home most of the time. I will take some pictures of inside today. Taking mom to the skin doctor today. Thursday we go to another doctor... Can't remember which one.
Raeanne goes tomorrow to her doctor to see if 3-D picture will come out better . Last week, She ( BABY) had her hands in front of her face. Could not see her.. She will be shy... LOL Her brother is not shy. Trying to potty train, and being a boy..., He just takes off his pull ups anywhere and anytime. LOL He went Boating with his dad yesterday. Boy's Day. Chip's friend has a boat and he and chip had their children for the day. 3 Boys and 2 Men. and 2 just Babies... Not 2 yrs yet and not potty trained.. They did good. Chip said that Josh liked when they were cruisin on the lake but, If they stopped to fish. He would have a fit. He loves riding in his dad's jeep too. He gets into his car seat, straps in, puts on his sunglasses and waves to his mom bye..
All this from a 21 month old. LOL
Got to go get ready to go into town, See Ya'll April

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