Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tomato Peeling Saturday

Well, what do you do with a Big and Huge bag of tomatoes? You peel for about a hour or more, then you cook till they are done, then they boil over on the stove top because.... I forgot about them. LOL ( That is where I am now... ) While they are cooling.... I will need to clean up the mess in the pan under the eye, and clean under the top of stove... Why, because juice overflowed pan under the eye. URGHHHH. But they do smell good. Had a memory when I walked out to take this picture of the peelings.. I walked back in the house and a memory came to me all of a sudden... My Aunt Judy's Kitchen !!!
Her husband's family always had a garden when we were little.. I am talking about 37 years ago.. Me, I was about 7 years old.... Aunt Judy & Uncle Don still do a garden, not acres any more... I know why now. These tomatoes where hard work... Oh Ya.. Back to Memory... Every time you would walk into Aunt Judy's kitchen, she always was cooking something. ( I think of Aunt Judy as my Paula Dean) kitchen smelling GOOD GOOD GOOD. My mind then took a path down memory lane... Or was it Greene lane.. Mrs Greene, her mother-in-law sure could can from the garden. She had shelves built on a wall off from her kitchen that held all her canned vegetables... Talk about beautiful FOOD... ( can you tell I love food! ) I can still see it and remember her home smelling great too. We, as kids would go over there and play in the corn, running up and down the rows, and hiding from each other. Corn stalks will cut you up...( that is a memory also.. LOL ) Mom and Aunt Judy would pick the ears and whatever else they wanted from the garden and we would go back to Aunt Judy's house, she had a picnic table, they would shuck the ears... but as a kid I don't remember what they would do after... Remember I was only 7... I just remember that I grew up with my mom cooking all this great food and not knowing, at that time, that it was hard work. I do appreciate gardens and vegetables more now and I appreciate my mom and aunt's hard work to put Outstanding Food on our tables... When someone offers me some now... I am ecstatic and can't contain myself... Because I will have another new old memory pop up while I am working hard on these vegetables... Thank You Aunt Judy for the Okra a couple of weeks ago. It is in the freezer and very much appreciated.
Now off to clean that whole big stove by myself... urghhh..
See ya'll April

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